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Automatic Power Factor Correction (MAINS APFC Panel)
  150KVAR MAINS APFC for 700KVA Tranformer (example AEC, India)  
1) VAR Compensation of Distribution Transformers:
The total electricity being distributed by Utilities in India is around 80,000 Mega Watts. So far, in India, most Utilities have not been emphasizing their own VAR compensation systems at the substation points to reduce their T&D losses. However, it is becoming increasingly relevant and important to reduce the transformer currents and improve the system voltage by suitable compensations throughout the whole electrical systems.
A transformer is the core and among the most essential equipment for transmission and distribution of electricity. According to estimates, every megawatt of power capacity needs around 6MVA of power transformer. Distribution losses in India account for almost 18% of the total transmission and distribution (T&D) losses of around 26%. The no-load losses of a typical 100KVA distribution transformer is around 360 watts, and this can reduced by 75% by providing suitable VAR compensation using Automatically Switched shunt Capacitor Banks at the secondary side.
SSL is the technological leader in configuring, manufacturing, and installing such automated solutions for the Utilities' transmission and distribution network, using the CSCI technologies designs that are state of the art worldwide. The Company typically refers to these products as "Mains APFC Panels.
2) Heavy Duty (Long Life) Sprague Fixed Capacitor Banks
Saha Sprague can also offer Financing for these MAINS APFC Panels, so that Utilities do not have to worry about funding, and more importantly, their immediate savings more than outweigh the monthly lease rentals for these panels, making this a self funding T&D loss reduction measure.

Example of Benefits to Utilities by VAR Compensation.Based on Saha Sprague Limited's Project Experience at the Ahmedabad Electricity Company Limited (India).
Area of Savings Observations Key Benefits to Utilities
KVA Savings 60 to 75 KVA Additional KVA available for extra connections.
Current Savings 50 Amps to 80A per phase. Substantial reduction in I2R losses. Savings in Cable costs to the utility.
Voltage Improvement 3.5% to 4.0 % Improved voltages leads to efficient metering
PowerFactor 0.99 Lag maintained Close to Unity PF and lesser maintenance for system.
KVAR Delivery Upto 105% maximum and varying depending on load. Reduces the current flow required for reactive power requirement in the system.
KW Savings This works out to
Approximately 15 to 20
Units a day on an average.
The magnetising losses (both core loss as well as Copper loss) due to reactive Current is avoided.
1. Reactive Power requirement is externally supplied thus releasing substantial KVA capacity from the transformer.
2. Loading on Transformers is reduced and hence thermal stress is reduced thus
3. Enhancement in the working life period of transformers.
4. Separate VAR compensation eliminates the magnetizing current passing through the
5. Transformer to the loads, thus reducing the losses in the transformer (kwh) savings.
6. Automatic compensation helps in maintaining near unity PowerFactor at the Secondary side of the transformer thereby facilitating full utilization of Active Power Flow (KW) and at the same time without overcompensating the system.
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