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SPRAGUE Fixed Capacitor Banks for Power Factor Correction (EXTRA LONG LIFE)
Applications : Individual industrial motor loads, Motor control centers, small, medium and large substations. These capacitors are of robust design and are built for 20 years life, offering the lowest COST OF OWNERSHIP OVER TIME. For less stringent applications, Saha Sprague offers the ANTEX A8 fixed capacitors for power factor correction.

Capacitors from 5 KVAR to 500 KVAR

Capacitor cells :
2 KVAR to 20 KVAR

Terminals : Threaded for secure connection. Leak-free gasket seals. 10 K V A C stand-off terminal bushings.

Dielectric fluid : Wet cells Eccol, III B liquid NFPA classification

Flash Point : + 212 ° C. Fire Point: + 260 ° C.

Dielectric Film : Polypropylene
Dielectric Medium : Thermoplastic Jelly

Losses : Less than .25 watt per KVAR Pressure sensitive interrupter Built-in

Capacitor Operating Temperature : - 40 ° C to + 50 ° C
Unique Features of "Sprague" Capacitors (cells):
1) Fully anti-explosive design incorporating 3 Phase UL approved pressure interrupter, which ensures the safety of the Capacitors, the Panel and of the operating personnel.
This means: Better Protection for equipment and safety of personnel.
2) 3 Year warranty against any defect in design of parts/labour.
This means: Sprague Capacitors are warranted forb free replacement against any defect in design/manufacturing during the first 3 years of its use.
3) Sprague Capacitors are Heavy Duty with positive tolerance in capacitance (i.e. no negative tolerance). KVAR delivered will be constant throughout its life. These capacitors are often used in applications such as windmills (100-150 switching operation per day!).
This means: Savings in maintenance and downtime cost as capacitors do not need to be replaced in the long term.
4) Sprague cells are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with stringent standards such as NEC, IEC, IEEE, ANSI, UL-recognized, & CSA approved
This means: You are using the highest quality product in the market.
5) Capacitor elements are enclosed in Turn plate steel enclosed with hermetically sealed construction such that atmospheric contamination are avoided and better temperature withstanding capability is permitted.
This means: Better environmental protection, and longer lasting life, leading to lower cost of ownership over time.
6) Eco-friendly ECCOL Jelly is used as dielectric.This Thermo Plastic material results in higher current carrying capacity and better Thermal withstanding capability. This means: Longer lasting life using eco-friendly methods.
7) The design of the Capacitors allows a sufficient factor and safety for operating voltages upto 600V. A ± 10 % variation in line voltage will not affect the life of the capacitor.
This means: Ability to handle higher voltage fluctuations, which is so prevalent.
8) The Capacitor cells are designed with advanced technology such that the internal resistance of the Capacitors and Watt losses are kept to a minimum.
This means:
The watt losses are less than 0.2 Watts/Kvar
9) The terminal bushing of Capacitors are designed to withstand a voltage of 10 KV AC to ground and BIL (Basic Impulse Level) of 30 KV.
This means: The terminal to terminal shorts are avoided with discharges under high humidity conditions.
10) Equipment is designed manufactured and tested in accordance with the latest standards of nema, nec, iec, ansi, ul, and CSA.
This means : Peace of Mind also Tested by ERDA & CPRI. This means : Complete peace of mind.
11) The individual Capacitors are designed for an operating life of 15 years or more. This fact has been established in the USA and Canada where the use of these capacitors have been measured in terms of "decades". In addition to actual life seen at site, Commonwealth Sprague Capacitors Inc., has a testing facility which allows them to conduct "accelerated life testing". This capability allows us to determine the life of Capacitors under different climatic and operating conditions.
This means: Sprague capacitors are tested to deliver a nominal design life of 20 years.
12) The capacitor cells are threaded for wire connection.
13) Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of 5 % on voltage and current waveforms will not affect the life of capacitors.
14) UL, CSA approved for 10,000 AFC (Available fault current) Protected.
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